Meet Alan

A Message of Thanks

To my supporters, please know that without your help, we could not have achieved the result we did on Election Day. I decided to run because I wanted residents to be heard, and they really were. Thank you for making it possible for our campaign to succeed. I learned so much from every person I listened to along the way. Thank you for teaching me about your hopes for our Garden City.

To every resident of Newton, I will endeavor to be the best City Councilor I can be, to advance residents’ priorities for Newton. I will rely on you for your wisdom, expertise, honest opinions and support. All of you will be my constituents come January and I will work hard for all of you. I look forward to working with residents, stakeholders and my fellow City Councilors to chart, together, a course for Newton that is appealing to all.

I have a request. If you have been kind enough to host a lawn sign for me, or for another candidate, please leave it in place. There are some candidates who may hope you will show your support by keeping their lawn signs up a while longer. Check their websites for contact info to find out for certain. For the rest, we hope to collect all signs this week. It is very important that lawn signs not be thrown away – for environmental reasons. If your sign/s have not been collected by Sunday, please let me know your address by email at: and I’ll make sure a volunteer comes by promptly.



I’m Alan Lobovits, a retired pediatrician of over 40 years from Newton Highlands. I’m running citywide for Newton City Council to serve as Ward 6 City Councilor At-Large. All Newton voters can vote for me, and I respectfully ask for your vote.

I’m running to give voters a voice. I started my candidacy when I began to hear about proposed changes to the zoning and development patterns in Newton coming from both City Hall and from the State House, but the information available didn’t tell me enough. I then learned that areas in some – but not all – villages were designated to be rezoned, and I was shocked that every resident hadn’t been mailed a map showing the proposed changes. I asked my neighbors what they knew about it, and many didn’t know, and once they did, they were not happy about the proposed zoning plan being implemented without their knowledge or any opportunity to vote on it. I began to watch online meetings of the City Council’s Zoning and Planning committee and was dismayed to see the way that properties were added or subtracted from the areas set to be rezoned. I believe Newton residents deserve complete transparency about what would be rezoned, and accurate information about how rezoning would change Newton. I also believe residents should be treated with respect when they exercise their right to speak up. Many of the City Council hearings I attended were very disappointing in the manner with which residents who attended were treated. I want to give you a better choice.

Letter of Endorsement
Fig City News, October 31, 2023